Regional Tournament Registration 2016

Register your DI Challenge Program or Rising Stars team for your 2016 regional tournament.

Register your Team Challenge or Rising Stars Team for your regional tournament. Registration is open for all tournaments and teams must register by January 31. Please also read DI Tournament info and more tournament details and site restrictions. There are a few school districts that do not allow school computers to submit forms and in that case you will have to fill out this form out on your mobile phone or non school network computer.

Team Number(*)
Please enter your DI passport number. You will need it for the tournament and we do not want to confuse you with another team. If you absolutely can not find it you may enter 0

Team Name(*)
Please provide your team name.

Name of School(*)
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Please select your Team Challenge from the drop down menu:(*)
Please choose the challenge your team is competing in.

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Please choose the tournament you will be attending.

Please provide name of student with their grade and age(*)
Please enter first name, last name, grade, and age of each team member.

Team Manager's Full Name(*)
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Team Manager's Email Address(*)
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Team Manager's Phone Number(*)
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Name of Volunteer

Please provide the name and email address of an adult that can volunteer 2 hours on the tournament day. Thank you.

Volunteer's Email
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Please provide an Appraiser for the day
Please type your full name.

The tournament can not run without appraisers. Who can be an appraiser? Someone that is over 18, available for the day and will praise the students efforts and score the DI teams' solution at a DI tournament.

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Has your appraiser been a team DI member in his/her youth?
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Please select the number of team members you have

Select whether you are a DI team or Rising Stars' Team. You will see the total update below. Once you hit submit the form will be sent to us and you will be registered. You will then be directed to paying the fee with a credit card or paypal account.

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